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All roads lead to la Balsa.

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La Balsamine
Avenue Félix Marchal, 1
1030 Bruxelles
+32 2 732 96 18
+32 2 735 64 68

logo accessibilite The accessibility of our theatres for people with reduced mobility is possible but not easy. When making a reservation, we would thank you to make a request for this access.

Bar and catering

The bar is open from 19:00 every evening of a performance. Delicious light meals and snacks prepared on site are available before each show.

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Around the shows

Standing up for the necessity of Art for Art’s sake but one accessible to the largest number is a utopia which drives us and which we intend to take responsibility for. The Balsamine is a house of creation which accommodates and supports artists at work confronted on a daily basis with the necessity of asking themselves questions about the meaning, about the context in which they practice their Art, about the style they develop and about the values they represent. When an artist sets out to give form to his perception, to his understanding of the world and to what he wishes to express, he doesn’t plan to be inoffensive, to bolster the consensus. Contemporary creation is a fluctuating and perpetually challenging form, which forces the audience to create meaning and to experience its relation with the world. It calls us out on our own creativity and on our ability to express who we are. It questions the norms, including those of taste. It is a precious lesson which we intend to share with the general public.

Contact person for advice and the organisation of pedagogical activities
Noemi Tiberghien
+32 2 737 70 18

The aftershows

At the end of every second performance of new pieces, the Balsamine invites you to an encounter with the artistic team. A privileged moment to debate and exchange in a relaxed context. Note that this encounter is led by another of the season’s artists.

School audiences

If classical theatre offers reassuring terms of reference, it does not always translate the hybrid and complex character of the world in which we are led to live.

Bringing young people to the theatre to see contemporary plays offers the opportunity to familiarize them with codes which are unusual to them, to lead them to decipher representations of the reality of a world which are new and unusual for them. Introducing young people to contemporary theatre could be a way of helping them to deconstruct a widespread prejudice according to which theatrical art is a dusty and archaic discipline, alien to their culture and their questionings, which does not belong to them, which is inaccessible to them.

So, if one of our season’s shows makes you want to to put your students in contact with artistic practice, don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.

We regularly organise meetings for exchanges between students and professionals, in different forms depending on the specific projects (video recording, job shadowing, artist interviews, sketching sessions, creative workshops). These activities are free and developed à la carte.

Communication pack

Technical plans

You will find all of La Balsamine’s technical plans here.