Thi-Mai Nguyen

In the context of Brussels, dance! Focus on contemporary dance.

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Main image for Etna

A wandering and solitary woman, like a ghost haunted by the debris of her life.

Etna is an ageless, homeless woman, harassed by the sounds of her past life and whose body embodies an extreme lassitude. She squats the stage of the theatre and inhabits it through her obsessions and her memories.

“Poverty is there, over our heads, like the sword of Damocles. And we continue along our path without thinking that it concerns us. There is a thin line between reason and turmoil.

A system on its last legs. A vortex which engulfs everything and leaves no hope. Men and women, on the edge of the abyss, without utopias. They are the mirror of a society on the decline, a society which is no longer breathing. Of a world which is suffocating in its individualism.

In fact, nobody is safe from such a fall, we are all tightrope walkers and we stand firm as much as we can. We fight against the madness which is lying in wait for us.

That is what I wish to evoke, this absurdity, this “almost” invisible world which floods our streets.”

Thi-Mai Nguyen

Conception and interpretation
Thi-Mai Nguyen

Produced by Thi-Mai Nguyen with the support of Théâtre la Balsamine and with the help of Maison de la création, Ultima Vez and Théâtre Marni.