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Situated in a stone's throw from the European institutions, La Balsamine can offer you several of its spaces, comprising a technical and professional infrastructure as well as a convivial bar.

Whether you are organizing a seminar, a workshop, a training day, a birthday or a wedding, contact us with your query and we will advise you. We will put at your disposal the most suitable space, equipment of the highest quality and a professional technical team.

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Our spaces

The Foyer

Heart of the theatre, where everything happens and through which everyone passes, the Foyer has a bar and a kitchen. It gives out onto a public park on the same level.

  • Surface area: 200m²
  • Capacity: 120 people seated / 200 people standing

The Auditorium

From a former military auditorium built in a semicircle, the architects have designed a tailor-made costume for theatre-goers. The Auditorium includes a proscenium arch so wide that it almost pitches the audience onto the stage!

  • Surface area: stage area 200m² (14m × 9m)
  • Capacity: tiers with 170 people seated / stage area: 200 people standing

The Studio

  • Surface area: 130 m² without tiers / 90 m² with tiers
  • Capacity: tiers with 70 people seated / 100 people standing without tiers


We are at your disposal to show you around the theatre and help you organize your event. If you wish to receive a cost estimate, do not hesitate to contact us!

Morgan Brunéa
02 737 70 17