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matthieu hocquemiller

from 26 to 28 march – 8.00 pm

dance performance

from 18 years old

In Circé, Matthieu Hocquemiller works to reappropriate representations of the sexual, alongside those of nature, in order to present them as a ‘power to repair, console, experience and become’.
By invoking the goddess Circe, he offers us a ‘metamorphic’ play, a ritual form of eco-sexual magic from which you leave the theatre a different person. It is an ‘experiential’, plastic, sensory work; a journey through a pulsating space of sound and light; a slow, gradual immersion in landscapes composed of the arrangement of bodies and a sensitive, moving architecture of light and colour.
It is a performative image, like a fantasy, utopia or myth. An artificial image, but one that contains the energy of a dynamic change in reality. An equivocal image, like Circe, the polypharmakos goddess of transitions and metamorphoses who offers both the poison and the cure.


‘I am originally from Montpellier.
My career began with an insatiable hunger for “movement”: circus arts, acrobatics and, of course, all kinds of dance. I worked with many choreographers who focused on physical engagement, performance.
But then, when I became a choreographer, I completely pared down my writing and gradually abandoned the search for performance.

I became particularly interested in “minority” strategies and representations that could create a space for authorization and emancipation.
I wanted to produce works and organize events and festivals that focused on the “detours” and questioned the mechanisms of inclusion/exclusion.
I was mainly interested in representations of the “sexual”, adopting an explicit approach that was the opposite of provocation or transgression. My aim is to treat sexuality as a cultural and social construct, and to create complex, sensitive representations of it.
For some years now, I have also been pursuing a “lifestyle” focused on rurality and “country” work. I have embarked on a long-term project of reflection, with labs, experiments, etc. concerned with the new imaginative worlds and narratives that are emerging and will emerge from “rural territories” – a kind of “avant-garde” rurality, reversing the stigma and proposing possible futures based on ecology, minority lifestyles and rurality.’

Matthieu Hocquemiller

distribution and crédits

Concept and artistic direction : Matthieu Hocquemiller
Distribution : Arnaud Célérier, Pierre Emö, Mathieu Jedrazak et Odilon Pluviose
Light: Jimmy Boury et Charlotte Moussié
Music : Benjamin Collier
Production : Cie À
Coproduction : KLAP – Maison pour la danse (Marseille, Fr), L’Arsénic, Communauté de communes Cazals-Salviac (Lot, Fr), LE GYMNASE CDCN Roubaix – Hauts-de-France dans le cadre du dispositif Accueil-Studio, la Balsamine (Bruxelles, Be) / Deviant Production
Support : la ville de Montpellier, la Région Occitanie et la DRAC Occitanie-Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication.