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l’arbre qui cachait la forêt

sophie sénécaut

16th of november
1st of february
26th of april
schedule TBA

research performance saxifrage

‘Yet, in looking elsewhere, we have a chance to start afresh: we are given a new, unsuspected perspective …’

Vivre de paysage, François Jullien

Sophie Sénécaut is known for her work as an actor in various contemporary theatre companies, but here the focus is not on her acting practice. Indeed, in recent years, Sénécaut embarked on another, in-depth project – that of a progressive translation, outside the confines of the theatre, in places more conducive to the expression of a singular voice.

She will be joining us three times this season, taking over the space of the Balsamine like saxifrage and inviting us to public openings conceived as ‘leisure time’, the details of which will communicated before each encounter.

‘I am investigating.
Far from habits
impossible to maintain.
From an ill-fitting suit,
from a workshop I will have had to build.
The scenario,
aways the same.
Same, same (samo).
My aim is not to put on a show
but to build a space,
a refuge,
that can forge ahead,
and engage us in a new
common practice.
A culture with a precise vocabulary
and respectful of
unproductive periods,
of the impossible return to the homeland,
of impossible returns,
plain and simple.
How do we go beyond established codes and trends
to push the boundaries?
I speak
an acquired language
which has me all tied up
which has my tongue tied up.
I propose to untie it,
at my own level.’

Sophie Sénécaut


‘There was never any sense in speaking, any sense in taking paths other than those already mapped out in order to invent one’s own way of speaking.’

Olivier Marboeuf

‘As a “dramatic” actor, I like to think of myself as a landscape painter. After years of drawing swans, rocks and figures lounging in the grass, the question of contours suddenly came to me. Today, I focus on the temporary occupation of (pacified) spaces that offer the possibility to reinvent oneself and heal from deep wounds. How do we get through with what is happening to us? How do we get through it collectively? What new dances can we invent to connect? What powers lie dormant in our bodies? What kind of alliances are possible? In what way is my body a dwelling-space-stage-revolution-collectivity?’

Sophie Sénécaut

distribution et crédits

« Nous arriverons en groupe. J’espère qu’il y aura le plus d’invitations possible. » Sophie Sénécaut

Production : Entropie Production (Pierre-Laurent Boudet, Stéphanie Bouteille et Thomas Frabolot)
Partners : la Balsamine (Bruxelles, Be), Le Brass (Bruxelles, Be), Maison Poème (Bruxelles, Be), Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (Fr)
Coproduction : Commission Interdisciplinaire des Arts de la Scène de Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Support : Wallonie-Bruxelles International